The Tale of a Bookworm

The story circles a young boy who is so desperate in finding what happened three years back. The boy, Adam, found out something that the others denied its existence; a secret organization. The quest put him at gunpoint when another guy was eager to destroy the truth of the organization when the guy has found out that Adam was searching for it too.

The secret organization had put the entire school in terror as they stole all the documents that is the proof of all the students schooling there; meaning the first form to the fifth form never learn there. It's now up to Adam to find it and unveil the truth of the organization as well as finding why they do that before the others destroy the organization and the documents.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Popular-O-Meter: Do You Think You're Popular?

Answer these questions to determine your popularity.

Do you have a friend?

a. Yes, I do. Lots of them.

b. Yes, but not much.

c. No, I consider them as classmates.

Do you always talk?

a. Yup, always.

b. Yes, but not all the time. Only to my friends/classmates.

c. Yeah, but I prefer silence more than noises of talking.

How do your friend react when someone interrupt your talk with your friend?

a. My friend will ignore the interruptor or put a hand on the interruptor's face and resume our talk.

b. My friend will talk with the interruptor for a while then resume our talk.

c. My friend will forget who he's talking to and he will start talking to the interruptor.

Do you liked someone?

a. Yes, and he/she knows that because I've told him/her.

b. Yeah, but I don't think I would tell him/her.

c. No, love is forbidden.

Do you have the desire to make yourself popular?

a. Yes, and I am popular(I always thought of this before I answer this question).

b. Yes, but I didn't do anything(I don't now what to do).

c. No, I okay with myself.

If there is a competition, would you join it?

a. Yes, absolutely.

b. Yup, but it depends on the type of the competition.

c. No, I would rather be the spectator than acting stupid in front of everyone.

Do you care of your look?

a. Of course, I wouldn't want to go out with a bad look(even when I need to spend hours in front of my mirror).

b. Not too much. If I look neat and tidy, that's enough.

c. I don't care of my look. I just pick any clothes that come upon my reach and wear it.

Do your outfit expensive?

a. Yeah, imported from the west!

b. Nah, it doesn't cost much. I'll buy when there's a sale.

c. Nope, it's cheap. Just under RM100.

Do you always online?

a. Yup, lot's of time.

b. 30 to 60 minutes a day.

c. That's a waste of time.

What do you do when you're online?

a. Chatting, perhaps.

b. Online game, here I come.

c. For surfing only(school work).

Do you update your blog regularly?

a. Yup, always.

b. Yes, but only when I have time.

c. I don't have a blog.

Do you read someone else's blog?

a. Yup, also with comments.

b. Yes, but just reading.

c. Nope, theirs are not interesting.

Do you always make sure your cellphone is the latest brand?

a. Of course, or my image will fall.

b. I only change it when there's something interesting happen(such as examination or something).

c. Nope, I like the way my cellphone is now.

Do you always go out?

a. Yes, my life will be boring.

b. Not so much but it's enough.

c. I don't like going outside. It's better staying indoor.

Which comes first, studies or entertainment?

a. Entertainment of course.

b. Both are important.

c. Studies of course.

What is the score of your mathematics?(This question tells you your right popularity.)

a. Fail!!!!!(stupid is popular!!!)

b. Somewhere between 40 to 70.

c. 80 and up.(genius is a nerd!!!)

Do you answer 'c'? Then you are a nerd.

For every answer:

a= 5 points

b= 3 points

c= no points.

(The last question is not included.)

Your marks:

75 - 60 points:

You are popular.

59 - 40 points:

You are an average.

Lower than 40 points:

You're a nerd!

Things about Izzat

Izzat always says:
"I afraid of the dark, as I feel like I am the part of the darkness."
"I afraid to be lonely, as I feel like I am plunging into darkness."
"But, I like to be lonely in the dark."
"I hate to climb up stairs, as I feel it could take forever."
"But, I always walk up the stairs slowly."
"I do it because I am thinking about my problems."
"I hate that."
"That is why I ran."
"To cast away my problems."
"And sitting lonely in the dark."
"That soothes me."
"However, I never bring my problems to my sleep."